16 SVG Weather Icons – Animation Loops



Set of 16 weather / climate icons in SVG format and animation loops made with pure JavaScript. No libraries used. No SMIL animations used. Scalable to any size and entirely based on vector.

  • 16 SVG files and 1 optional CSS file
  • Colors can be edited through style sheet file (or directly through SVG attributes)
  • Each SVG has its own JavaScript written inside, so no external JavaScript files
  • Animation speeds can be controlled through JavaScript settings
  • Separate speed settings for each element. For example speed of sun rotation, sun rays, cloud, rain etc


List of icons:
– Sunny (Clear Day)
– Partly Cloudy
– Partly Sunny
– Cloudy
– Drizzle
– Rain
– Snowy
– Drizzle Sunny
– Rain Sunny
– Snowy Sunny
– Clear Night
– Partly Cloudy Night
– Mostly Cloudy Night
– Drizzle Night
– Rain Night
– Snowy Night


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